Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm is located in Rodney, Ontario. Nourishing Hearts is an ecological and inclusive community that promotes food security, community health and wildlife conservation. Nourishing Hearts provides a safe environment for people of all ages and abilities to heal and growth while also providing a reprieve from daily stress. Health and well-being is promoted through community connection, nature-based activities, social work counselling services, animal-assisted therapies, respite services, wellness workshops and self-care retreats. Hands on experiences are lived through the participation in animal care, mindfulness practices, creation of arts and woodworking, sensory gardening, and market vegetable farming.

Compelling Value

Nourishing Hearts is an inclusive community development where community members of all ages and abilities come together to share their passion, interests and spirit while participating in hands on experiential activities that build on individual strengths and guided by self expression. Collectively, Nourishing Hearts aim is to provide local food security along with building capacity for economic, social, environmental and community well-being.

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Nourishing Hearts

Julie with Sweet Pea (sheep), Bambi (miniature horse) and Nutmeg (miniature goat).

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm


Nourishing Hearts is an innovative and unique therapeutic farm that offers an inclusive welcoming community that delivers a wide spectrum of health, social and educational care services to both the public and to vulnerable groups of people – including those  experiencing depression, anxiety and trauma; adults and children with physical, developmental and learning disabilities; children and youth in search; adults with cognitive impairments including acquired brain injuries and dementia.


Nourishing Hearts brings together the care of the land and animals with care of people, in a setting where they feel safe and respected while engaging in meaningful activities. The paddocks, meadow, and gardens provides the safe, encouraging and natural environment to spark community connections and participation in ecological activities that promote health and well-being. Canadian Parks Council states “Personal connections with the natural world are powerful. These connections are critical to our health and social well-being. They nurture our vitality and creativity, and they encourage ties with the land that are centuries old. There is growing recognition that North Americans are suffering from “nature-deficit disorder,” the term used to describe the adverse and societal impacts of disconnecting from nature.”


Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm is a community gathering space that builds and shares social capital through the partnership and collaboration with local lifestyle, health and social care business, professionals and agencies. The shared goal is to improve the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual health and well-being of individuals, families and communities in Elgin County and surrounding areas while also strengthening and enabling the local community to be more socially, economically and environmentally sustainable.