Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

​​​The Elgin St. Thomas Public Health 2011 Healthy Communities reported 53.9% of people 12yrs + are not active or moderately active in their leisure time and 88% of children and youth are not meeting the recommended 90 minutes of physical activity a day,

as outlined in Canada’s Physical Activity Guides. 

Animal Assisted Physical Activities

Animals provide natural motivation for participating in physical activities, even through social, physical, emotional and/or mental barriers. Physical activity is achieved through a variety of natural occurring engagement with the animals and the environment. Animals make it so much more fun!

Activities include:

  • Exercising, training and playing with the animals
  • Feeding and grooming the animals
  • Learning animal care
  • Maintaining the animal environment which includes mucking out stalls, hauling & spreading bedding, sweeping, and cleaning buckets

Animals make it fun and gives us natural motivation to get active, even through social, emotional, physical and mental barriers!

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