​Nourishing Hearts offers an enhanced yoga experience with the presence of the therapy animals 

in a natural setting. Yoga sessions are tailored to all abilities and can be adapted to meet the needs of a 

disability or wheelchair requirements. 

Barnyard Yoga

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm is hosting a fundraising event ~ The Spring Fling. Come celebrate spring, join in on the frolicking fun with our farm therapy animals and submerse yourself in nature while also supporting mental health counselling services. Nourish yourself while nourishing others!!! There is something for everyone...yoga, animals, nature, wildlife conservation, arts, food and good company!!!

Activities include:

  • Barnyard Yoga - Goats, sheep and chickens
  • Animal Shenanigans 
  • Felting - Aromatherapy diffuser (take home)
  • Whimsical Sign Painting (Take home or donate to the farm)
  • Chalk Art
  • Tree Planting - Plant a tree in your name or memory
  • Wildflower Seed Bombs - (Take home or bomb the meadow)
  • Catered Picnic Lunch

Additional Activities include:

Body Massage

  • 5, 10, 15 minute massages (Fee $5, $10, $15)

Animals include:

Bambi ~ Miniature horse and herd mamma
Sweet Pea ~ Sheep and generous donor of wool for our felting projects
Butternut, Nutmeg & Blossom ~ Mischevious goats
Cornelius ~ Handsome potbellied piggy
Feathered Flock ~ Chickens

Fundraising to Support Mental Health Counselling Services:

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm delivers a variety of social work based mental health and life enrichment services for children, youth, adults and people with unique needs. Proceeds from the event help to support Nourishing Hearts' reduced/sliding scale rate for mental health counselling services.

Please note:

  • This is an outdoor event. Please dress appropriately for the weather.
  • Bring a yoga mat
  • Please bring a mug donation if you would like to participate in our Mug Story

Date: TBD
Time: TBD
Cost: TBD

Location: 21907 Queens Line, Rodney
Contact: Julie 519-859-1574 or julie@nourishinghearts.ca