Wellness Care Farm

Caring to Work - Skill Development Program

Nourishing Hearts

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm's "Caring to Work" program provides high quality, engaging skill development opportunities for people with an intellectual disability that aims to enhance job-ready, social and life skills while also developing and building on strengths and supporting community participation.

The objectives are to:

  • Support people to set and achieve individual goals
  • Support young people with transition into adult life
  • Build on current skills and assist people to learn new skills
  • Encourage people to maintain and develop peer relationships
  • Provide people with choices and access to a wide range of activities and life experiences
  • Help people to transition to supported employment by helping them to gain the skills needed to be prepared for work

Nourishing Hearts helps people to discover the different types of work available, gain an understanding of the duties they may be asked to carry out, what they can expect and how they should conduct themselves in the work place.

This includes:

  • Building skills for work
  • Understanding a workplace
  • Being safe at work
  • Problem solving at work
  • Communicating at work

This can include expanding on the skills people have built at school, by setting achievable and individualized goals in collaboration with parents and or carers. If good progress is made, additional supported work may be arranged in one of Nourishing Hearts' social enterprises. If participants decide they don’t want to transition to additional supported employment, we can still help to build skills in an inclusive environment, where people can also develop lasting friendships.