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Nourishing Hearts

​Here a Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm we believe that everyone has the ability to grow, heal and shine. Life can be very challenging at times, and we all do the best we can with the resources we have. The same is true for our young people. Sometimes children and youth may feel overwhelmed or stuck and need a little help to move forward. Or they may have challenges due to a myriad of different reasons, which can make life even harder for them. Whatever the reason, when young people struggle to have positive experiences in their lives, relationships and education it can be difficult for them to see their worth and potential. The consequences of this struggle could be felt for many years in a young person’s life, through social isolation, low self-esteem, mental health challenges and underachievement.

At Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm, we provide a safe haven for healing and self-discovery. Young people are rarely given the time and space to reflect, renew and determine a new path for themselves. Nourishing Hearts offers this opportunity and acts as a catalyst for change through a unique, preventative approach that cultivates self-love and compassion while empowering young people to engage, build trust, develop skills to overcome challenges and difficult experiences and inspire hope as they pursue a happy, peaceful and meaningful life. 

Between helping out on the farm, young people will also take part in group or individual sessions with the farm psychotherapist who teaches them useful tools for calming down, or for dealing with difficult situations. They can also do one-to-one animal assisted therapy session with one of the farm therapy animals as a support. Phones are discouraged as part of the focus on creating a calm, supportive atmosphere and reducing over-stimulation. 

Life Enrichment

After School and Weekend Program

  • ​2 hour small group or 1 hour private session
  • $25 / per person in group/private
  • 12 weekly sessions - $300

* Mental Health counselling services are also available

"All children have within them the potential to be great kids. It is our job to create a great world where they can flourish. "
Dr. Stanley Greenspan

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