Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

Generous donation of coveralls allows Nourishing Hearts participants to get close and cuddly with our therapy animals without getting their clothes dirty.

Richlu Manufacturing was founded in 1939, and is a 100% family owned company located in Winnipeg, Canada. They have a history of building extremely durable work wear that has endured the harsh Canadian winters for decades. Their constant improvement policy encourages great products even better every single day. They are always looking for ways to improve designs, materials and production methods to ensure that their customers receive a great quality garment at a great price. They listen to their customers and pride themselves on taking their suggestions into the designer’s studios to create innovative new products that meet the needs of each and every person that purchases one of our garments.

Corporate Sponsorships & Donations

 Corporate Sponsor List

Whether it is monetary or material, all help is greatly appreciated. Check out our corporate sponsor list below.

In return, with permission, we will tag the sponsor in a social media post that features the donation in use.

Suggested Sponsorship Options:

  • Sponsor a program
  • Sponsor a participant
  • Sponsor a therapy animal
  • Be Creative