Nourishing Hearts

People With Different -Abilities

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Here at Nourishing Hearts we tailor our programs on individual strengths and provide additional support and modifications to meet unique needs of individuals and families. We believe our community is strengthened by diversity, inclusion, respect and justice for all people. We diligently work to remove barriers to access our services and full participation in our community. We actively challenge discriminatory myths, assumptions and language while privileging diverse and unique abilities of all people through empowerment, self-agency and participation. Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm offers a quiet and safe environment for persons with disabilities. The farmstead allows for many opportunities for outdoor activities, exercise and daily contact with animals. Nourishing Hearts is a working farm that provides a sense of community for children and adults with acquired and developmental disabilities; a place of belonging, acceptance and participation in a rural community with meaningful engagement in agricultural activities.

The therapeutic benefits of life and work on a farm have been studied and documented for years. Along with its safer, quieter environment with less sensory challenges; a farm gives adults and children with developmental disabilities a chance to do meaningful, purposeful work, which creates a sense of accomplishment. The farm activities can easily be tailored to an individual’s interests and abilities. We want to help create environments for success for adults and children with unique needs and different abilities which can contribute to a healthy lifestyle.

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm envisions an inclusive community that provides the opportunity for natural and meaningful social engagement of community members of all abilities.

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