Nourishing Hearts

"The first essential component of social justice is adequate food for all mankind.

Food is the moral right of all who are born into this world." Norman Borlaug

PROOF is an interdisciplinary research team investigating household food insecurity in Canada.

Food Security, The Sharing Shack & Community Vegetable Box

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm believes every person has a right to healthy food. Through community participation in therapeutic farming, market gardening and wild foraging we aim to build community capacity to address the 5 A's of Food Security:

Availability: Is there enough?

Accessibility: Can you get to the food and can you afford it?

Acceptability: Is the food and the system of delivery culturally acceptable and appropriate?

Adequacy:Are the food and its sources nutritious, safe to eat and sustainable?

Action: If any of the previous four elements are not being met, what is being done to change that?

Community Capacity Building

Nourishing Hearts agricultural, gardening, wild foraging, and culinary workshops provides opportunity for community members of all abilities to learn skills for food cultivation to increase the availability and abundance of healthy food for themselves, their family and the community.

Individual and Household Food Security

Nourishing Hearts market garden and edible forest will create community access to fresh local healthy food. Individuals and families have several options:

  • Participate in workshops to learn food cultivation skills 
  • Purchase fresh foods from the roadside stand
  • Participate in the care farm activities and take the harvest home
  • Volunteer time in exchange for fresh food
  • Purchase a plot or membership in the gardens

Sharing Shack ​ (Opening Spring 2019)
Nourishing Hearts' roadside Sharing Shack will provide an opportunity for the community to access local, fresh high-quality fruits, vegetables and eggs that are cultivated naturally on the farm. The Sharing Shack will also feature art and woodworking products uniquely created by participants in the care farming program. This farm-gate access promotes local food security and community connection while also raising funds to support the care farming program.

Community Garden Boxes (Starting Spring 2019)

​Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm provides an opportunity for people with different abilities to participate and experience farm life, this includes the Therapeutic Farming program that produces market vegetable to be sold at the farm-gate Sharing Shack and in the Community Vegetable Box program. Starting in June and throughout the growing season, Nourishing Hearts will be selling weekly pallet boxes (made in the Woodworking program) full of fresh vegetables that are grown organically and with love by Nourishing Hearts community members. 


Food Insecurity Policy Research