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Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

Friends of the Farm Membership

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Farm visits will be open to Friends of the Farm community members. Anyone can become of Friends of the Farm member by purchasing a membership. The Friends of the Farm Community Membership offers a variety of benefits and discounts that encourage ongoing engagement with the farm in order to maximize the therapeutic benefits, social connection and sense of belonging that comes with regular participation.

Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm is a small quiet therapeutic farm that cares for people by caring for animals and nature. The farm’s mission is to nourish community health & well-being, cultivate food security and foster wildlife conservation. Nourishing Hearts is a supportive, understanding and adaptive environment that empowers the spirit, builds on personal uniquenesses and strengthens a sense of connection & belonging for people of all ages and abilities.

Nourishing Hearts is especially mindful to the needs of children, youth, adults & families living with unique needs including diagnoses of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD), autism (ASD), attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), developmental disabilities (DD), dementia, sensory challenges and mental health concerns. Due to the sensitivity of the environmental and emotional needs of the people we support it is important that the farm maintains its quiet and supportive atmosphere that allows for the flexibility to adapt to individual unique needs. For this reason, Nourishing Hearts has decided to restrict recreational farm visits to its community members only but our open houses and special events will be available to the general public.

The farm offers nature & animal based activities, social work counselling services, wellness workshops, events and experiences. Hands on activities include animal care, mindfulness practices, art creations, woodworking, sensory gardening, market vegetable farming and wildlife care.

The self-guided activity options available during farm visits include:

  • Pond and meadow exploration
  • Sensory garden exploration
  • Chalk art
  • Sensory bracelets
  • Felting
  • Rock painting
  • Nature looms
  • Sign painting
  • Music nook
  • Construction playground

Adult Individual Memberships ~ $50 + tax

Family Memberships ~ $100 + tax

2 parents/guardians & up to 4 children under age of 18