Nourishing Hearts

Giving is Caring

Wellness Care Farm

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Whether you give time, money, advice or supplies, you give because you care and we thank you, the animals thank you, the children, youth and people in need thank you and the earth thanks you.  Giving to Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm shows that you promote kindness to the earth and every living being on it. You have vision and can see that people need to reconnect to the earth with all her richness and mystery, to animals and their innocence, wonder and joy and to each other.  Your gift nourishes hearts and is an act of kindness and generosity to make the world a better place.  There are so many ways to contribute.  We offer some suggestions below and also encourage you to get creative.  Everyone has something to offer but only you know what you are inspired to give.

  • Sponsor an animal – every animal should have a special friend
  • Donations in honor of a special someone and/or a special event
  • Memorial donations
  • Corporate sponsorships
  • In kind gifts (our wishlist)
  • Gifts of time (volunteer)
  • Get creative!