Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

Enriched Respite Services

Nourishing Hearts is currently working with community organizations and respite services to organize Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm as a respite provider. Respite will be available for children, youth and adults who are needing support for a variety of reasons including dementia, behavioural, disability and developmental challenges. Must be independent with personal care and mobility. 

Nourishing Hearts offers Enriched Respite Services which includes a variety of activities depending on individual interests:

  • therapeutic farming
  • nature and wildlife conservation
  • sensory gardening
  • animal-assisted activities
  • art and woodworking

Hourly Rate (minimum 2 hours): $25 per hour

Please contact Julie for further details at julie@nourishinghearts.ca or fill out electronic form. Thank you.

Please fill out form:

Due to counselling service demands, respite services intake is currently on hold - As an alternative please check out the Support Person ~ Enriched Destination Program