Farm Visits

Nourishing Hearts

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts welcomes family, group, agency and schools to visit and participate in the wellness care farm. All visitors must pre-book their visit via phone or e-mail and provide their own support staff as needed.

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and outdoor activities.
  • There are no drinks or snacks sold on site. Please bring a packed lunch or snack. Picnic tables and blankets are available for use.
  • Please park in the second laneway near the Little Free Library. 

The visits can be informal with self-guided free exploration or a formalized visit can be organized with structured activities.

Informal Visits

Self-Guided Exploration  Options Includes:

  • Walk the meadow trail
  • Stroll the gardens
  • Observe the animals

Price: $15 person 

*Membership discounts are available

*Access 2 Program Venue

Formal Visits

Structured Activity Options Include:

  • Guided meadow walk
  • Groom the  animals
  • Animal assisted mindfulness
  • The snuggle stall
  • Art, therapeutic gardening or woodworking project

For more information regarding activities, please view the Care Farm Information Booklet.

Price: $25/hour per person 

*For larger group visits please contact