Nourishing Hearts welcomes family, group, agency and schools to visit and participate in the wellness care farm. All visitors must pre-book their visit via phone or e-mail and provide their own support staff as needed.

  • Please dress appropriately for the weather conditions and outdoor activities.
  • There are no drinks or snacks sold on site. Please bring a packed lunch or snack. Picnic tables and blankets are available for use.
  • Please park in the second laneway near the Little Free Library. 
  • The home washroom is a available for use.

The visits can be informal with self-guided free exploration or a formalized visit can be organized with structured activities.

Informal Visits

Self-Guided Exploration Includes:

  • Walk the meadow trail
  • Stroll the gardens
  • View the animals

Price: $15 person OR $40/group of 4 people  ****Cash only*****

*Membership discounts are available

*Access 2 Program Venue

Formal Visits

Structured Activities Include:

  • Guided meadow walk
  • Animal assisted mindfulnes
  • The snuggle stall
  • Art, therapeutic gardening or woodworking project

For more information regarding activities, please view the Care Farm Information Booklet.

Price: $25/hour per person OR $80/group of 4 people ****Cash only*****

*For larger group visits please contact Julie

Farm Visits

Nourishing Hearts

Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm