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Sponsoring an animal is a precious gift in so many ways.  First it is a gift for your sponsored animal.  Your sponsorship ensures that the cost for his or her care is covered.  And because of the special nature of your relationship, your animal might even get some special treats during holidays if you choose.

Second, your sponsorship is a gift to yourself.  It is a wonderful feeling to know that you are directly responsible for helping a beautiful animal soul to thrive.  To know that someone is romping and playing and thoroughly enjoying life because you care is a joy that cannot be measured.  And we will send you photos so you can keep in touch!  Once a quarter, we will send you an update on your animal with a special photo that you will be the first to see.  

Third, if you choose to sponsor an animal for a friend, you have the chance to bring them joy not once but every quarter as they get the updates on their new animal friend.  Gift sponsorships are perfect for any holiday, anniversary, birthday or any occasion where spreading joy is appropriate.  

And finally, your sponsorship helps Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm promote compassion, cooperation and connection to animals, the earth and each other.  One sponsorship can do so much good not only for your chosen animal, but for the world.  Imagine what more than one sponsorship could do!  

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Animal Sponsor FAQ

May I visit my sponsored animal?

Absolutely.  Because these animals are at a wellness care farm, we need to be respectful of about visit times, so please contact us at least a few days in advance of your visit at julie.ac.casey@gmail.com to set up a time.  The animals LOVE visitors, especially visitors who bring fruit and veggie treats. 

Does my sponsored animal have more than one sponsor?

Your bond with your sponsored animal is special and unique, but sometimes some animals require special care and extra expense over and above what a standard sponsorship would afford.  So, sometimes some animals have more than one generous sponsor like you.  This actually benefits all the animals since donations go into a general fund that helps support the animals, children, youth and people in need and the mission of Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm.

To sponsor an animal please email julie.ac.casey@gmail.com  OR

Sponsor an Animal