Nourishing Hearts

Strategic Alliances

Indigo Lounge  Barnyard Yoga & Spiritual Workshops

Kelly Spencer of Indigo Lounge celebrates a deep connection to holistic living. She believes there is powerful healing and wisdom that connects us with the earth and the species we share the planet with. Kelly is a Holistic Healer,  Life Coach, Yoga & Meditation teacher and published author. She has worked with hundreds of students and clients through sessions,  classes and workshops to bring expansion through awareness and acceptance of what is and moving through authentic action to potential and purpose. Indigo Lounge honors individual uniqueness,  as we each travel our own paths with our own experiences. Their vision is to co-create a plan to help actualize the needs of every individual and to assist people to live a happier and healthier life. Indigo Lounge believe the power in numbers and when we can bring a little more kindness, a little more peace to members of the community, the whole community benefits. 

Earth Princess

Earth Princess specialized in all natural body products for girls with the utmost priority given to children’s health and the environment. Products are personally made by Alison Dennis, in small batches with only the purest, most natural, highest quality ingredients. Everything is non-toxic and free of harmful chemicals, Alison believes it is essential for good health to get back to a more natural way of life. Earth Princess strongly believes in natural living, but also in having fun and keeping the magic and wonder of childhood alive.

Farm to Table & Culinary Experiences with Chef Terrance Tew 

The Farm to Table culinary experiences at Nourishing Hearts brings together the community through agri-tourism, local food and the sharing of local culinary skills to bringing the freshest ingredients to the table in creative and unique ways. Our events include Terrance Tew’s Harvest Dinner Series. Terrance Tew is Elgin County’s infamous “Fancy Redneck” chef, who has a passion for using local ingredients which provides inspiration for his creative menu ideas. The Harvest Dinner Series features seasonal crops and wild foods with meals prepared in Nourishing Hearts outdoor kitchen and served in magical dining environments in “The Meadow” to feature the Pollinator Meadow project

The Harvest Pantry Culinary Workshops

Valerie Andrews’ passion is to inspire people to reclaim the arts of traditional home-based food preparation skills for health, community, building awareness of our food sources, the experience that home prepared food is better than anything that a person can purchase and for love. Val has noticed that the fast convenient world we live in has many benefits, but has robbed us of the intimacy and authenticity of being able to do things with our hearts and our hands and it has removed trust in our own abilities to take care of ourselves, our bodies, our food source, and the earth we live on. The Harvest Pantry values the traditional home arts of  cooking, baking, canning and fermenting. The heart of the kitchen is centered in creativity, generosity and community building.

Wild Craft Permaculture

Jessica Robertson, the owner of Wild Craft Permaculture, is an urban planner and avid permaculturalist, who helps create resilient and regenerative gardens,homes, farms, and communities.Wild Craft Permaculture empowers people to regenerate the Earth while leading more fulfilling connected lives. Through grassroots, personal, and community scale projects Jessica teaches personal sustainability, community scale resilience, food security and water efficiency principles and skills. 

FallenForge Silverworks

Lorna Anderson is a local silversmith artist who finds great joy in metal and fire. She incorporates symbols, metaphor, shapes and forms that are found in nature, as well as old manuscripts and architecture both religious and secular into her beautiful creations. Her studio and tools are simple, and her process is quiet. She finds great meaning in this work and wishes for those who join her will also find great pleasure and self-expression in doing so. Items are created out of sterling silver, copper, brass, and any combination therein. Occasionally she incorporates semi-precious stones into her pieces. Nature, dreams, ancient symbols, and finding beauty in strange places are all sources of inspiration for her designs.

Wellness Care Farm

Julie Casey MSW, RSW