Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

I believe that reaching out and coming in to meet with me is a statement that you want something more in your life. You may have been pondering this decision for a long time or recently realized something needs to change in your life.  I deeply respect and admire the choice you are making now.   It’s not so easy to ask for help, it calls upon an inner strength.

It is important that in our time together you feel seen, heard and known.   I am committed to creating a safe, compassionate and responsive experience for you.  I will do this by being authentic, transparent and present with you as you tell me about what is important to you and what you hope to gain from our work together.

Respect, trust and empathy are the foundation of my practice.  From here I can learn how I can be of best help to you in your distress and journey.  While I have many models of therapy that I draw upon, the work happens through genuinely being present with you as you share your story.  Going at your pace and checking in often with you during your sessions we both discover what works for you.

It will be a journey that we are on together....you are not alone!

I’ll encourage you to tell me what is connecting with you as well as what is not.  I believe making room for all of who you are and empowering your voice and your truth allows for a process that cultivates clarity and grow.  I want you to get the most out of counselling so I will help you with either finding or putting words to feelings and heal stuck places inside of you as well as discovering how you can listen to your body, heart and intuition.

Our sessions are based on your goals and desires and are an invitation for you to explore, experience, heal and transform.  There will be moments of meeting yourself and your habits that deepen your work so you can have more of a connection with yourself, more freedom to be who you are and in turn have more choice in how you live your life.

I believe asking for help is an inner calling to feel more alive and whole.   Allowing yourself to be known whether you have had lots of counselling before or you are new to this process can be very enriching and life enhancing.


The Counselling Experience

Nourishing Hearts