Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

 Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm has evolved out of

Tim and Julie's own personal farming and social service experiences. 

Born: March 8, 2014
Species: African Pygmy X Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Sex: Whether (Castrated Male)
Personality: Sweet and inquisitive dear little fellow 
Therapeutic Qualities: Energetically curious and engaging

Services: Farm 

The Therapy  Team

Sweet Pea
Born: April 13, 2015
Species: Calico Sheep
Personality: A sweet little spirit who loves to be groomed
Therapeutic Qualities: Patiently calm, gentle and tactile

Services: Farm 

Tim Casey PSW

Therapy Animals

Julie’s educational background includes a Personal Support Worker certificate, Developmental Service Worker diploma, and both Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees. Julie has enjoyed over 17 years working in a variety of community and private care settings, supporting individuals and families across the lifespan from children to seniors including multi-cultural backgrounds and people with different abilities. Julie's area of practice 

include adults and children with an acquired and/or developmental disability; grief, trauma and post trauma growth; depression, anxiety and emotional regulation; self-identity, compassion and personal growth. She is also an EAGALA certified mental health professional and has additional training in dementia, hospice/palliative care and Indigenous Cultural Safety Training.

Tim, now a cabinet maker by trade, has enjoyed various experiences over the years, in the culinary industry, agriculture, animal husbandry, forestry and land management. He also has extensive social service experience as a personal support worker and mental health professional caring for adults living with chronic health conditions, mental health challenges and both acquired and developmental disabilities. Tim is also a talented musician and wood working artist.

Born: September 6, 2015
Species: Angora Rabbit
Sex: Male
Personality: Curiously inquisitive but patiently calm
Therapeutic Qualities: Fluffy and soothing for laps and wheelchairs

Services: Farm & Mobile

Born: July 12, 1997
Species: Palomino Miniature Horse
Sex: Female
Personality: She is a loving mumma to everyone
Therapeutic Qualities: Smoochie, gentle grounding presence

Services: Farm 


Born: March 4, 2016
Species: Fainting X Boar Goat
Personality: A wild and fun loving spirit 
Therapeutic Qualities: Energetic and inquisitive

Services: Farm 

Throughout their lives they have enjoyed the care of farm animals, wild foraging and food cultivation while also recognizing a growing need for nature-based, therapeutic farming and animal-assisted services that promote the health and well-being for individuals, families and communities of all ages and abilities.  They recently fulfilled their dream to return to a farm lifestyle where they live with many hoofed and pawed companions. Together they have created Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm, a safe place where they can share their passions and support others so they too can live a life of meaning, participation and happiness.

Julie Casey MSW, DSW, RSW

Born: March 1, 2014
Species: African Pygmy Goat
Sex: Wether (castrated male)
Personality: He just loves to be the centre of attention
Therapeutic Qualities: Assertive and challenges boundaries

​Services: Farm 

Daisy & Dalila... & The Crew
Born: Spring 2016
Species: Chickens
Sex: Female
Personality: Fluffy and docile
Therapeutic Qualities: Soothing and tactile for laps and wheelchairs

Services: Farm & Mobile