Julie Casey MSW, RSW

Wellness Care Farm

Nourishing Hearts

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Emily Farmer  

BA Criminology, Psychology, Law; MSW Candidate

Born: March 8, 2014
Species: African Pygmy X Nigerian Dwarf Goat
Sex: Whether (Castrated Male)
Personality: Sweet and inquisitive dear little fellow 
Therapeutic Qualities: Energetically curious and engaging

The Therapy  Team

Born: 2015
Species: Great Pyrenees
Sex: Female
Personality: Protective, cautious gentle soul
Therapeutic Qualities: Teaches personal space and body language

Born: July 12, 1997
Species: Palomino Miniature Horse
Sex: Female
Personality: She is a loving mumma to everyone
Therapeutic Qualities: Smoochie, gentle grounding presence


Born: March 4, 2016
Species: Fainting X Boar Goat
Personality: A wild and fun loving spirit 
Therapeutic Qualities: Energetic and inquisitive


Julie Casey MSW, DSW, RSW

Victoria Mills MSW, RSW 

Daisy & Dalila... & The Crew
Born: Spring 2016
Species: Chickens
Sex: Female
Personality: Fluffy and docile
Therapeutic Qualities: Soothing and tactile for laps and wheelchairs

Born: March 1, 2014
Species: African Pygmy Goat
Sex: Wether (castrated male)
Personality: He just loves to be the centre of attention
Therapeutic Qualities: Assertive and challenges boundaries

Sweet Pea
Born: April 13, 2015
Species: Calico Sheep
Personality: A sweet little spirit who loves to be groomed
Therapeutic Qualities: Patiently calm, gentle and tactile

Clinical Lead/Therapist

Therapy Animals

​​Julie’s educational background includes a Personal Support Worker certificate, Developmental Service Worker diploma, and both Bachelor and Master of Social Work degrees. Julie has enjoyed over 17 years working in a variety of community and private care settings, supporting individuals and families across the lifespan from children to seniors including multi-cultural backgrounds and people with different abilities. Julie's area of practice 

include adults and children with an acquired and/or developmental disability; grief, trauma and post trauma growth; depression, anxiety and emotional regulation; self-identity, compassion and personal growth. She is also an EAGALA certified mental health professional and has additional training in dementia, hospice/palliative care and Indigenous Cultural Safety Training.

Throughout her life Julie has enjoyed the care of farm animals and a love of nature. over the course of her career she recognizing a growing need for nature-based, therapeutic farming and animal-assisted services that promote the health and well-being for individuals, families and communities of all ages and abilities.  Recently Julie fulfilled her dream to return to a farm lifestyle where she lives with many hoofed and pawed companions, to create Nourishing Hearts Wellness Care Farm, a safe place where she can share she passions and support others so they too can live a life of meaning, participation and happiness.

After completing her BA in Gerontology at McMaster University, Victoria worked in a front line role with older adults for 5 years. Victoria volunteered with the Mental Health Crisis Line for 2 years before deciding to pursue a career in social work. Victoria completed her MSW at Wilfrid Laurier University, specializing in Individual, Family and Group therapy. As a Registered Social Worker with the OCSWSSW, Victoria has 3 years of experience providing support for individuals and their families experiencing issues with mental health, addictions, trauma, grief and relationships. Victoria has worked with individuals aged 6 to 96, from all walks of life.

Victoria currently works as a Mental Health Worker with CMHA and as a Social Worker for a Long Term Care Home. Victoria is beginner gardener, a lover of animals, and karaoke-enthusiast.  

Lilly & Lacy
Born: Summer 2018
Species: Guinea Pigs
Sex: Female
Personality: Cuddly chatters
Therapeutic Qualities: Emotional support and gentle touch

Born: 2016
Species: Potbellied Pig
Sex: Male
Personality: Smart, sweet and inviting
Therapeutic Qualities: Social skills communicator

​​Emily is the current MSW student intern from Wilfrid Laurier University.  Emily has been working in the field of mental health and addiction since 2011, and also has experience in working with women, children and families impacted by violence.  Emily obtained her undergraduate degree at Carleton University, and completed a post-graduate certificate in Victimology at Algonquin College.  Upon graduation, Emily moved to British Columbia where she worked in mental health case management and also ran a Breakfast Club program.  Emily moved back to Ontario and worked for several years providing crisis mental health and addiction support before deciding to formally pursue her master’s degree in Social Work.  Emily’s past placement and volunteer experiences include a hospital social work, community support work, and providing community education around healthy relationships.

Emily’s connection to nature and animals began as a child on her grandparent’s hobby farm.  Emily has experience with raising free range hens, domestic cats, guinea pigs, birds, fish and dogs, as well as a background in equine care.  An avid soccer player, skier and hockey player, Emily loves spending time outside and is not afraid of the cold! Emily is looking forward to supporting and learning from others through natures healing properties.