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Farm Safety

A Place to Belong

Humanistic Therapy

From a humanistic approach, Julie provides an atmosphere of support, empathy, and trust that allows people to share their feelings without fear of judgment.  As the therapist, she does not act as an authority figure; rather, the relationship is one of equals.  The farm offers a safe environment for people with low self-esteem, who are having trouble finding their purpose or reaching their true potential and who lack feelings of “wholeness,” to find personal meaning and comfortable with themselves.

Optimistic Outlook

The farm environment is empowering with the attitude and approach of "yes we can",  "let’s give it a try",  and “how can we make this work?”, as Julie is curious to the strengths, abilities, and esteem that can be discovered and strengthened through a positive therapeutic relationship of acceptance, curious exploration and a place to belong.

A Break From The World

Today's world can be very critical and demanding of unrealistic expectations.  Nourishing Hearts offers an escape from the pressures and provides a safe and accepting place to be "just as you are" that allows the outside world to be checked at the gate. Free from the expectations to perform, be perfect, be socially "popular" or to behave or feel a certain way. At the farm, people can be themselves, get dirty, have messy hair, and make mistakes, free from the scrutiny of social media or societal pressures. Here people learn they are enough just as they are.

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