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To foster the holistic mental health and well-being of individuals and families of all ages and abilities in Elgin County and surrounding communities. To offer in-office counselling, animal-assisted therapy, play therapy and nature assisted therapy in a safe and supportive environment that nurtures personal growth and belonging.

Code of Ethics

hand hoof.jpg

Don’t walk in front of me,

I may not follow.

Don’t walk behind me,

I may not lead.

Walk beside me and be my friend.


Code of Ethics

With Individuals, Families and Communities

I see and appreciate the positive strengths and potential of all people. I recognize resiliency within people as they live with adversity. My goal is to support and assist individuals, families, and communities in doing the same.

I treat all people as equals who are all deserving of our respect regardless of their faith, race, gender, sexual preference, age, ability, diagnosis, personal history, education level, or economic situation. I will never abuse the power inherent in my position as a therapist by attempting to impose our own beliefs and values on other people. I respect and honour the privacy and confidentiality rights of the individuals, and families, and inform people of the legal limits to this confidentiality. If required to make a disclosure, wherever possible, I will do this with the knowledge, participation and cooperation of the person.

With Animal Partners

I recognize animals are not ‘property’ and we consider and treat our animals as working partners worthy of my love and respect.

I recognize and respect that animals have thoughts, feelings and spirits, and are capable of feeling both physical and emotional pain and suffering.

I respect, admire and cherish the unique characteristics and personality traits belonging to each animal.

I am never physically, verbally or emotionally abusive towards any animal. I never ask an animal to do work which is physically, mentally or emotionally unhealthy.

With The Therapy Profession

I continuously assess my own professional strengths and weaknesses and will strive for ongoing improvement through continuing education and training.

I do not misrepresent ourselves by claiming or implying credentials or experience that I do not have.

I follow all legal and professional regulations with regards to scope of practice and business.

Inspired and adapted from Healing Hooves' Values. Thank you for setting the standard so high here in Canada.

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