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Meet the Animals




Hi, I'm George! I am super fluffy and adorable!  My eyes are really big because I am blind. I can only see dark shadows a little bit.  I am also deaf.  So when we first meet, go slow and let me smell you so that I can get to know you.  I can't see but I don't let that stop me. I am very clever and have been called "Houdini" because I am like magic finding my way out to wander but I  get lost. That's why I am on a tether or in a secure pen, to keep me safe!

Great Pyrenees X Marmara Guardian Dog


Copy of Mantra 2 - Today will be a wonde

Hi! I like to spend my days wandering around the farm in search of the most comfortable spot to lie and wait for belly scratches. If I can't find a comfortable place, I make my own by moving around the dirt with my snout. I am a friendly guy who loves to be around people but sometimes I can't see very well, so please don't run towards me. I am not aggressive but I do have tusks to help protect myself. If you see me around the farm please say hello and give me a pat. 

Pot Bellied Pig

Baa Baa


Hi, I'm Baa Baa. You know the song Baa Baa Black Sheep, well that's me! And yes, I do have wool!  I am super friendly, I just want to be your friend.  I like to hang out or go for walks around the meadow.  Guess what my favorite part of the walk is?   Eating grass, I have a big appetite. My second favorite part of the walk is running about spinning my tail like a helicopter. It's so much fun!  I am not a huge fan of being groomed with a brush, I prefer hands. We are closer that way!




Hi there, my name is Nutmeg and I am an African Pygmy cross Nigerian Dwarf goat. I really like being around people and being pet, so much so that I might try to get your attention by touching your leg with my paw. I really enjoy a good scratch, playing its my brother Butternut (generally butting heads with each other but it's all fun and games, I promise!) and eating a variety of greens and plants in the yard.




Hi! I'm Yoda and I am the youngest goat. I love my big ears,  I have been told I look like Yoda from the Star Wars movies. I hope I am wise like him one day. I may be small but I sure am mighty!  I go head to head even with the big guy Nutmeg but he is gentle with me most of the time. I am quick too. I like to run around all over and jump about because I am soooo happy! Sometimes I am a little devilish and jump on other's backs.  I'm just having fun!  I like to make people laugh too!  Everyday is a new adventure for me!




Hi there, my name is Earl.  I'm just a little guy. A little bundle of love, I have been told.  Life is awesome here on the farm.  I have lots of family to play with and I get to explore the farm too.  I am learning how to be an adventure puss cat just like Chloe. She is a great teacher. She even invites me into her house so we can hang out in the clubhouse playing with lots of toys!



The Girls

Chickens & Ducks

There are many chickens and ducks in our flock on the farm, all with their own little personalities and quirks. Some who love to scratch about and chatter away to each other and some who love to sit in their nest all day and keep to themselves. You will often see the girls popping their heads out through the fence in hopes of getting a piece of green grass or leaf. As the old saying goes... the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. Chicks flock is made up of Gladys, Grandma, Claire, Moe, Sonny, Ella and  Ellousie.  And of course, Jenny and Josie, our ducks.



Great Pyrenese Guardian Dog

Hello new friend! I will most likely be one of the very first animals you meet on the farm because I love to greet people at the gate. I bark when someone arrives at the farm because it is my job to make sure Julie knows you are here. I am a Great Pyrenees which is a breed known for exceptionally good skills in guarding livestock hence why I am a bit protective of the farm. I love making new friends and really love a good pat!



Miniature Horse

Hi I am Bambi and I am a Palomino Miniature Horse who loves a good back scratch!  I like to consider myself the mama of the barn. Although I enjoy giving humans a big ole smooch, I do get scared easily especially when people move really quickly around me or wave things such as their hands or fabric around my face. I may seem standoffish at first but if you approach me slowly you'll see that I can be as cuddly as all the other animals.

Sweet Pea



Hello there, my name is Sweet Pea and I am a Calico Sheep! Although I may have a bit of a raspy sounding voice I promise I am as lovely as my name. I like to think of myself as a sweet little spirit who brings calm to the barn when the others are running a muck. I love to be groomed and I especially love a good scratch around my shoulders and hips.  Every spring, I get a big haircut and my wool is used for felting!

Butternut  RIP



Hi my name is Butternut and I am an African Pygmy Goat. I am the oldest of the goats and often feel it is my duty to let everyone know this! I enjoy being around people and being involved in whatever is going on, but at times can give some mixed messages when it comes to pats. I might swing my head and make a sound if you try to pet me but don't be alarmed, I'm not trying to hurt you I'm just letting you know that I don't want any touch in that moment.




Hi, my name is Blossom and I am the smallest goat in the family here at the farm. My specific breed is fainting X boar goat. When I feel overwhelmed or frightened, my legs freeze and I "faint", but I am okay. I just need a minute to relax. I really love people and will often come up to anyone who enters the barn for a pat. Sometimes I can be a bit cheeky and try to give your clothes a nibble. I'm not trying to put holes in them on purpose, but I just really love chewing on things and seeing what new tastes I can find in the world.




Hi! I'm Chloe but I'm also called Clubhouse Chloe because the clubhouse is my very own home. How lucky am I to have a whole house to myself!  I am also called Adventure Puss Cat because I love to explore the farm jumping through the meadow and climbing trees.  I love scratches but I prefer not to be held. I like to be in control and I will come to you...a lot!

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