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Butternut & Nutmeg....Kickin' it up out of the cold

What do you do when you get a deep freeze and are concerned for the well-being of your baby goats?  Bring them inside of course!!!!

Yoda's Happy Dance


Yoda is so happy with his family!

Nutmeg Says "Love Me"


Nutmeg pawing or should I say hoofing for more affection.

Butternut Being Butternut


Butternut and his mixed communications.



Blossom smiles for the camera.

Back Massage


Yoda giving Bambi a back massage.

Happy Holidays from Nourishing Hearts​


Sending Peace, Love and Joy!

Butternut Says "Outta My Way"


Butternut pushes his way in.

Here We Are


The barn crew steps forward.



There goes Baa Baa.

Goat Life


Butternut and his chewing!

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